Madam Monica

  • Farmer From Kampung Nyiru
  • Comes from a family with a farming background
  • This passion has been passed down to her from many of her previous generation
  • Passion
  • Love
The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings

     Just like any other farmers, they do face different challenges and obstacles each day as they farm. Handling the wild boars has been a challenge to Madam Monica, as they damage the tapioca fruit and soil. Luckily, brave Madam Monica had the idea on solving this issue.

     Located 22.7 kilometres away from Kuching International Airport, 35 minutes away from the city to Kampung Nyiru for its astonishing view. Madam Monica comes from a family with a farming background, and this passion has been passed down to her from many of her previous generation.

     Coming from ancestors with the same interest of farming, it is no doubt that she had shared the same spirit to manage her plantation as sources of income. With a little help from her son and daughter, plantation became a lifestyle for Madam Monica.

Mdm. Monica's Farm

Madam Monica used an open burning method for land clearing. Open burning has been a common practice by the local farmers and it is seen as a traditional way to clear the land. Therefore, we will help to overcome this issue and provide a different alternative for them to clear their land in an environmentally friendly way. Currently, a small, targeted area of the plantation site is specially for terung asam. She will use a brush cutter to control the weed of the plantation site. She plants various kinds of crops such as rambutan, durian, cempedak, ubi kayu, coconut, banana, lemon, Nangka, mangosteen, and terung asam. Unfortunately, like all farmers, she faces challenges in her daily farming life. Beetles tend to present on the leaves of her produce which causes leaf necrosis. Banana borer is reported to be presented for the past plantations as well.

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Madam Monica uses intercropping. Intercropping is a form of multiple cropping that involves growing two or more crops in close proximity to one another. Intercropping, in other words, is the simultaneous planting of two or more crops in the same area. The mixed plants are planted purposely for economic value. Squirrels do damage to the fruits and ripens them which leads to the decrease of economic yields. To prevent the wild boars from entering the compound, Madam Monica made a food trap, however, this method cannot be conducted too often as it is too costly. Madam Monia paraquat to control weed and NPK green as a fertiliser. However, we will conduct a workshop related to farming in a sustainable way to reduce the exposure of chemicals to the environment. She does not have any plans to use animal manure because in her opinion, she thinks that animal manure is too expensive, limited in sources and they can attract more fungi.

Her Plan

Madam Monica plans to sell a new product in which she will sell lemon juice in a bottle. Madam Monica sold her produce at the 10th Mile market, she had regular buyers who would buy most of her produce. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic of covid-19, she was unable to sell her produce at the market anymore as movement control was implemented. Therefore, we have made the initiative to help her by promoting her goods to the consumers via digital transformation. 


Her Produces

Help Monica

Little By Little, Little Becomes A lot

“Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bonds.” ― Thomas Jefferson. We look forward to collaborating and assisting Madam Monica in sustainable farming and marketing more of her products and attracting more potential customers for her product through Farmily. Stay tuned for more updates on her journey towards sustainability!


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