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Madam Mariana

  • Farmer From Kampung Semadang
  • An ambitious and hardworking farmer
  • Has been implementing this intercropping practice in her daily agriculture activity to diversify the soil
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I’ve been selling my vegetables and fruits at the local schools and shops for the past ten years. I never thought there would be a pandemic that would trigger me to lose any market opportunities.
Mdm. Mariana

     Intercropping is a form of multiple cropping that involves growing two or more crops in close proximity to one another. Intercropping, in other words, is the simultaneous planting of two or more crops in the same area. Madam Mariana, an ambitious and hardworking farmer from Kampung Semadang, has been implementing this practice in her daily agriculture activity to diversify the soil.

Mdm. Mariana's Farm

As the soil of her farming soil is sandy, she takes this opportunity to plant vegetables. Vegetables do well when grown in sand since they provide higher yields. Unfortunately, she does not have a proper water management system for her farm and has to collect rainwater. Hopefully through our collaboration, we will be able to help her to gain more customers for her produce and soon, from the profits she is bound to get, she will be able to upgrade the water system at her farm. There were lots of organisms that can be found in her farm, and this is because she does not use pesticides in her farm. Pesticides are chemical agents used to eliminate pests such as insects, rats, fungi, and invasive plants (weeds). Madam Mariana is trying to reduce the use of chemicals in her plants as she is aware that it will give a negative impact to the environment.

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Her techniques

Madam Mariana does not use any organic waste from the farm. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a sustainable way of farming to her to improve her livelihood such as integrating livestock and crops, and rotating crops and embracing diversity. Madam Mariana uses mixed planting techniques for her crops. Mixed cropping, also known as polyculture, inter-cropping, or co-cultivation, is a form of agriculture that entails planting two or more plants in the same field at the same time and interdigitating the crops to ensure that they grow together. 

Madam Mariana plants various kinds of crops such as yam, papaya, sawi, labu kuning, banana, coconut, tapioca, herbs, cocoa, jackfruit, nangka, and lemongrass. Surprisingly, no diseases were observed in her crops. That explains how healthy and high in quality her goods are. She uses chicken manure for her vegetable plants. Chicken manure compost is the safest kind of manure to use because of its high nitrogen content and well-balanced nutrients.

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Her Plan

Madam Mariana planned to upscale her plantation in order to ease the burden of her family. She plans to sell more leafy veg, bananas and coconut in the future. As we help her to distribute and channel her goods to more customers through digital transformation, she does not have to worry about selling her products anymore. She is thankful that she discovered and partnered with our organisation.

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Help Mariana

Little By Little, Little Becomes A lot

“Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bonds.” ― Thomas Jefferson. We look forward to collaborating and assisting Madam Mariana in sustainable farming and marketing more of her products and attracting more potential customers for her product through Farmily. Stay tuned for more updates on her journey towards sustainability!


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