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Madam Rokayah

  • Farmer From Kampung Sigandar
  • Farming became a passion for Madam Rokayah and her husband no matter how busy they were in their own commitments
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With the regular purchases from this project, I'm able to focus on planting as much as I want without worrying about lost crops that don't sell out
Mdm. Rokayah

Farmers are an important part of the survival of our various societies because they provide food and fibre that nourishes and cloths us. They make responsible use of natural resources, and they do so with both primitive and modern technology. All of us will try to find something new to do during our spare time. Some end up becoming a hobby, meanwhile for others, it might end up as a passion in career. Farming became a passion for Madam Rokayah and her husband no matter how busy they were in their own commitments.

Mdm. Rokayah's Farm

Located at Kampung Sigandar, the plantation site is well-managed by Madam Rokayah and her husband. When they got their land for farming, they cleared their land using the traditional method which is slashing and open burning, although this method is not encourageable as it can pollute the environment. To most of the farmers, this method is convenient and less laborious. Awareness and sustainable alternatives are gradually introduced to the local farmers to improve their traditional practices. 

Madam Rokayah and her husband plant various kinds of crops in their farm such as paddy, pepper, coconut, pisang madu, pisang keling, pisang otel, and pisang embun. Both of them claimed that there were no serious diseases found in their plants, however; they did notice that some of the banana leaves had chlorosis on its surface. Some fungi were also found on the leaves of their pepper leaves.

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Her technique

Madam Rokayah uses mixed planting. Mixed planting is the planting of different crops in proximity for any of a number of different reasons, including pest control, pollination, providing habitat for beneficial insects, maximizing use of space, and to otherwise increase crop productivity. She uses chemical based fertilisers such as NPK green, urea, and weedicide for her plants. She uses chicken manure specifically for her pepper plants. Aside from that, Madam Rokayah uses banana trees as windbreakers for the pepper tree and paddy plantation. A well-sited windbreak can do just that by filtering, deflecting and slowing wind before it reaches the farm site. 

Her plan

Normally, Madam Rokayah would sell her goods directly to the wholesaler. They do receive orders from the people from their kampung too. Their banana produce is high in demand among the customers as they are produced in a good quality. However, sometimes the price that was offered to them wasn’t tally with the quality of their produces. Madam Rokayah had a thought to sell their produce directly to us and she does not have to worry about finding potential customers as we are able to handle that matter for her.

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Her Produces

Help Rokayah

Little By Little, Little Becomes A lot

“Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bonds.” ― Thomas Jefferson. We look forward to collaborating and assisting Madam Rokayah and her husband in sustainable farming and marketing more of her products and attracting more potential customers for her product through Farmily. Stay tuned for more updates on her journey towards sustainability!


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