Hot Composting

Hot Composting

What is Hot Composting?

Hot composting is another approach of composting, which produces compost in a much shorter time. It is a process of rapid decomposition that takes place at high temperatures, performed mostly by bacteria adapted to working at high temperatures to break down organic materials quickly and efficiently.


  • Shorter time period, around 30 days
  • Compost a wide variety of plant-based organic waste 
  • Kill weed’s seeds through high temperature 
  • Kill pathogens and unwelcome bacteria
  • Kill fly eggs & larvae
  • Less like to produce putrid odours.

Hot Composting demand for the pile to heat up. Thus, a need  for a large amount of organic matter, with the right carbon to nitrogen ratio right from the start is crucial. As it is essential in getting the microbial activity going in high gear in order to heat up the pile. Ideally, the pile should be 25 parts carbon to one part nitrogen.

Procedure in making Hot Composting

Chop all organic matter into small pieces, mix together the carbon and nitrogen rich materials well. Add in around a shovelful of already made compost or soil. Sprinkle with some water to keep the organic matter moist. It needs to be the consistency of a wrung-out sponge. Monitor and record the daily temperature of the pile with a compost thermometer. Around 1-5 days, the temperature should rise, between 49 and 77 degrees Celsius (120 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit). Between 4-7 days, once the temperature cools to below 43 degrees Celsius (110 degrees Fahrenheit), turn over the organic matter. Make sure to bring the exterior material into the interior. Can add water to maintain the correct moisture levels. Turn the compost every 4-5 days, when the temperature drops below 43 degrees Celsius (110 degrees Fahrenheit). Continue moistening if needed. After around 14 days, the compost will no longer be recognizable. After one month, the pile should have turned 4 times. By this point, most of the pile will be a dark, crumbly compost and the temperature will decrease below 29 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit). Left aside the compost for a couple of weeks before use.