Mr Tumi 2

Mr. Tumi

  • Retired Experienced Taxi Driver
  • Love and passion into agriculture
  • Owns almost 14 acres of plantation since early 1970
  • Passion
  • Love
A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
Mr. Tumi
Local Farmer

Kampung Git, a 45 minutes’ drive away from the Kuching International. Concealed behind the mountains, Kampung Git provides a peek into how a modernised Bidayuh village could appear. Kampung Git farmers in Jalan Borneo Heights have allocated acreage of their land for their agriculture purposes to sustain their livelihood. Mr. Tumi, an experienced taxi driver has entered retirement, and poured his love and passion into agriculture and owns almost 14 acres of plantation since early 1970.

Journey To His Farm

Going to his farm was never an easy task for Mr. Tumi. In order to go to his farm, he is required to take a 15-minute boat ride. As easy as it sounds, on a daily basis, he needs to depend on the water level to ensure a safe journey to the farm. Mr. Tumi makes use of his 14 acres plantation area by planting crops such as durian, banana, belimbing, langsat, coffee, terap, roselle, keladi, engkala, dabai, cocoa, rebung madu, lime, durian belanda, bunga kantan, pepper, coconut, and guava. Just like every farmer, Mr. Tumi faces difficulties in his daily farming basis. Animals such as wild boar, and squirrels tend to damage his produce and soil for his newly planted plant. Fungi tends to appear on the leaves of his fruit trees such as langsat and rambutan. To prevent the boar from entering his farming compound, he hangs a bottle of fungicide at the banana tree. It is believed that the odour of the fungicide will keep the boar away.

Mr Tumi 4

Homemade Level Crane

It is never simple for him to get his produce back to his house. Mr. Tumi made an initiative on making a lever crane to transport his produce from the below ground up to the house area. Unfortunately, his project cannot be done as he needs to purchase a motor machine in order to complete the lever. Therefore, this has become a challenge for him as he cannot transport the fresh produce during his daily farming basis.

"Farming is not just a hobby. It is a way of life."
Mr. Tumi
Local Farmer
Help Mr.Tumi

Little By Little, Little Becomes A lot

Even the smallest of donations could help Mr. Tumi to get his project done. Having a better facility would allow Mr. Tumi to generate more produce and increase his side income to sustain his livelihood. Your donations will give him a much-needed boost in purchasing a motor machine which will be helpful for his daily farming basis. Funds will be used to buy a motor machine for Mr. Tumi.


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