How does it work?

So we know beneficial microorganisms do something good for us, but how does it work? Bioenzyme. The microorganisms do this by producing enzymes specifically designed to break down certain molecules into smaller pieces.

Bio enzyme is nothing but natural cleaning vinegar that is produced by the simple fermentation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and leaves. The process of making the bioenzyme is similar to that of the vinegar making process. The materials, fresh fruit residues such as orange peel, banana peel, the remains of apples/pineapples, remains of vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, lettuce peels, citrus peels, flower / leaf can be used for the bioenzyme composting process.

Procedure in making Bioenzyme

Used 3:1:10 ( Peels : Jaggery : Water) ratio. Heat the water and add jaggery into it. Keep stirring until the jaggery dissolves fully. Once the jaggery solution is ready let it cool down to room temperature. Ready the fruit and vegetable waste inside the bottle. Pour the cooled down jaggery solution into the bottle. Firmly seal the container and place it in a dark, cool place. Open the lid of the bottle at least 2 times per day to release gases from the fermentation process (anytime when you notice there are bulging sides of the container). Before opening the bottle, give it a gentle shake and re-release the gas. Record the date of preparation, since after 3 months of fermentation the solution will be ready for use. Peels will sink to the bottom, the colour of the solution changes to colour of fruits as the fruit peels gets decomposed

Besides using it as cleaning products, there is no doubt, adding bioenzyme to the plantation land  is beneficial to plants. It aids in simple tasks like getting rid of dead roots, or very complex ones like helping the plant accelerate its development by assisting in hormone biosynthesis. Plus, bioenzyme are protein molecules that catalyze chemical reactions in the soil to form a cementing bond that stabilizes the soil structure and reduces the soil’s affinity for water.