farmer story

Mr. Muning

A 70 year old uncle (Muning ak Sareng) who lived alone in Kampung Danu. Because of the lockdown, Pak Muning’s family members from other towns are unable to return to the village to take care of him

Mr. Kidai

A 71-year-old resident of Kampung Git. A family man with 5 children. At the ripe age of 40 that he found his true calling in rearing ducks

Madam. Stina

Farmers From Kampung Payang. Her farm is located on the hill. The farm, is a family heirloom which has been passed down to her from the previous generation, will likely be handed over to the next after she retires

Mrs. Mued

From Kampung Semadang. A 66-year-old mother with 8 children. Owns 5.5 acres of cassava, 2.5 acres of fruit and half an acre of vegetables

Mr. Siang

The head of Kampung Sibakar. One of the last villages located at Puncak Borneo

Madam. Lina

Farmers From Kampung Timurang. A 48-year-old farmer

Madam. Helen

Farmers From Kampung Semadang. Intercropping technique and agroforestry practice are two different methods that have been used by Madam Helen in plantation

Mr. Gusup and his wife

Farmers From Kampung Bratan. Well-known as Uncle Coconut who is famous for his coconuts. His coconuts were in high demand and of excellent quality

Madam. Mariana

Farmer From Kampung Semadang. An ambitious and hardworking farmer. Has been implementing this intercropping practice in her daily agriculture activity to diversify the soil

Madam. Monica

Farmer From Kampung Nyiru. Comes from a family with a farming background. This passion has been passed down to her from many of her previous generation